Paper, pencil, steel
170 x 175 x 32cm

Borderlines  emphasizes the physical characteristics of paper and graphite. With this emphasis on matter, the ‘drawing’ is expanding into the field of sculpture. The paper is breaking the boundary set by the wall and is entering the viewer’s physical space on the floor. Because the graphite is highly reflective, the apparent boundaries of a sculpture are being affected by the surroundings, by the light in the room and by the position of the viewer in relation to it. Whether borders demarcate a sculpture or a drawing, or anything else, it is apparent that lines and boundaries can be crossed and that nothing exists independently.

Selected for The Jerwood Drawing Prize exhibitions 2017.

Part of Lines of Empathy publication and exhibitions (2021) at Patrick Heide Gallery London, and Close Ltd, Somerset, interview here.

Second image, courtesy of Close Ltd, photograph taken by Katherine Perrins.